The e-waste emergency – make a difference

Fact: Electronic and electrical waste generated in 2021 has been estimated to weigh more than 57 million tons.
Fact: The value of this discarded waste is huge – a ton of discarded mobile phones has more gold in it than a ton of gold ore.
And also fact: Less than 20% of global electronic waste is recycled.

In the face of these figures, what is our collective plan to deal with this ever-increasing annual mountain of waste that is already heavier than the Great Wall of China? Around the world, efforts are underway to make a difference – small actions taken by individuals and private companies as well as major policy decisions at an international level. Then there are symbolic efforts, the sole purpose of which is to increase awareness. Everything contributes towards the greater good.

One of the most high-profile symbolic efforts were medals made for the Tokyo Olympics recently. 78,985 tons of recycled electronic devices – cell phones included – were used for these medals, pushing the issue of e-waste into the spotlight once again. Then there was the decision of the UK’s Royal Mint to recover gold, silver and other precious metals from e-waste and convert the extracted metal into ingots to be used in Royal Mint products. Both efforts are clever, high profile and spread the message far and wide. But action taken at ground level is what makes a real difference. Big tech announced not long ago that chargers and headphones would not be added in new smartphone packaging. Such momentous decisions help cut both consumption and e-waste drastically. Big step! This is where individuals who reuse electronics must be mentioned, as well as companies which enable the second-hand electronic market. Making a wide choice of pre-owned gadgets available, certifying their condition, helping the seller get the best price for a used device and then ensuring a smooth financial transaction is no small feat.
Companies like NorthLadder not only make this possible but also encourage people to make this a way of life by spreading awareness and sweetening the deal with offers and tie-ups. Every little thing matters. Be smart, log on to NorthLadder!

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