Phone trivia

Every generation goes through a momentous event in their lifetime and we’re the ones who have seen phones changing form drastically. We have witnessed them evolve from heavy desktop rotary dial phones which were attached to cords coming out of the walls of our homes to the sleek smartphones that we carry around in our pockets. In between were the desktop touch tone pads and the revolutionary wall mounted touch tone pads. Then came the eighties with cordless phones – our first taste of ‘mobility’! While the eighties also saw initial experiments with the cellular phone, the nineties belonged fully to it. The rest, as they say, is history. Here are a few things that the mentioned generations – who have seen it all – would relate to:

1-The perplexed look kids who’ve grown up only with cell phones get when they see a landline. They find the whole receiver, dial pad and curly wire gadget quite improbable and are zapped at the mention of a ‘landline’, or the expression ‘put the phone off the hook’.

2-Just like a stylus helps input commands into a touch screen device, would the ladies who lunch have demanded a contraption to dial numbers on a rotary dial phone, if only to protect their manicures?

3-Drunk dialing is a hazard created by the modern smartphone. How easy it is to whip your smartphone out and simply touch the screen to make a call. Compare this to getting to where your landline is placed, picking up the receiver, rotor dialing a number from memory or after searching for it in a phone book that’s actually made of paper!

4-And pocket dialing? That would have been a physical impossibility back in the day.

5-Phones have not just given communication a facelift, but also helped add new words to the vocabulary. Smartphones have actually spawned a whole new language in the form of emoji symbols and acronyms.

6-And then there is the change in functionality. Older phones were attached to walls, now man is attached to devices. Phones used to be available to use at our convenience, depending on our physical availability. Now the concept has been turned on its head with the average user feeling obliged to answer every call, reply to each text and check the phone every time it beeps.

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