Put your unused electronics to good use

Did you know that the average Dubai household has more than AED 5,000 worth of electronic devices lying around unused? Most people have 3 to 4 unused devices that do nothing more than gather dust in the back of a drawer. These devices may be ignored because of damage, buying a new model or simply because of owning more than one of the same gadget. As a result, there is a heap of electronic waste one is not sure what to do with because the gadgets are not useless, but they’re not being used either.

You should know that these forgotten gadgets are not worthless. They can be sold for instant cash at a great price. But this has to be done at the right time. What we tend to overlook is the fact that electronic devices depreciate really quickly – they actually lose value every day. So waiting indefinitely to sell at a better price than what your local dealer is offering will not help your case. What you have now is a situation where you won’t bother to sell because of low prices and the hassle of negotiating on the secondary market. This means that once these gadgets are obsolete, they will be trashed; which in turn means that you will be causing a lot of environmental damage. So what is the best course of action here?

A clever solution to this environmentally damaging cycle is selling your pre-loved gadgets on the secondary market or simply donating them. This increases sustainability and reduces their carbon footprint – you will actually be helping by creating a circular economy. And that’s where NorthLadder steps in. An award winning start up, NorthLadder conducts a live auction involving dealers from across the country on its platform and gets the highest price for your device. You will have the luxury of selling your device and receiving cash from the convenience of your home. We also give you the option of donating your unused gadgets to charity through our platform. Let NorthLadder help you do a good deed through its partnerships with charity organizations Dubai Cares & Al Jalila Foundation . With thousands of customers already having taken advantage of the NorthLadder solution, let us tell you a little about how we work.

What exactly is NorthLadder? NorthLadder is a unique service where you can sell your laptop, phone, smartwatch and tablet online and get instant cash in a safe, dignified and hassle-free manner. There is a significant difference between the average dealer price and maximum price you get if you sell your electronics online with NorthLadder. How do we manage to give you a good deal? The devil is in the details – NorthLadder has set up a platform of dealers who participate in an auction for your device. What you get is the highest bid or the best price for your used electronics from this auction. There are no hidden costs and no surprises. NorthLadder also offers a home pick up service to give you the option of carrying out the deal from the convenience of your home. When you sell your laptop or phone through us, we will back up and erase your data using internationally approved software, for a small fee. To understand how exactly we work, visit our website , or get in touch on support@northladder.com.

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