Make your smartphone secure

The compact gadget in your hands, your smartphone, holds more personal information than you realize. From pictures and videos to banking apps, financial details, passwords and access to social media accounts, it’s all in there. This is sensitive information that should stay personal; which is why making your smartphone secure is so important. Follow these basic steps to keep the security of your smartphone up to date and your privacy intact.

  • Download an effective antivirus software

A smartphone is like a computer and is just as prone to virus threats. Though operating systems are fortified against malware of most kinds, an added layer of protection serves to make defenses better. Multiple choices of free antivirus software are available on app stores, but you can also buy one for greater coverage.

  • Always update your operating system

Whenever you are offered an update prompt by the service provider, you must accept and download it. It may be time consuming and annoying, but very often these updates include material to help fix the latest bugs and increase security of your phone to the latest version.

  • Lock your screen

Locking your hardware is as important as protecting your software. In fact, it is the first line of defense when it comes to someone accessing your phone. Set a lock screen password with a tough to crack difficulty level. It should consist of a minimum of 6 letters, numbers and special characters or be a reasonably creative pattern.

  • Download apps from verified sources only

Though most apps available on Google Play Store are verified, there is always a chance of something slipping through the cracks. An unverified app can play havoc on your phone – check and verify the source before you tap on the download button. Also, always check app permissions before you agree to terms and conditions stated before downloading. Some apps ask for more information than they actually need.

  • Make the effort to log in and out

Most apps – including banking apps and those which handle sensitive information – will offer an auto login option so that you stay logged in for better user experience. As convenient as this may sound, signing in every time and logging out once you’re done is the safe thing to do. This helps in case of theft, keeping your accounts out of easy reach.

  • Remember internet etiquette

The basics of internet usage come in handy when dealing with phone security. Remember that the same rules apply everywhere – do not open spam, shady looking emails or emails asking for personal and banking details. Another thing to avoid is clicking on random links, you never know where they might lead. Using open Wi-Fi networks is really convenient if you’re on the move, but it can also be risky. Browsing the internet at a café is not exactly high risk, but if you wish to avoid complications, it is better to avoid logging in and accessing sensitive information like banking apps.

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