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How does a business align itself with the circular economy? By reducing waste, by unlocking the value of existing material or by spreading the life of a product over more than one user. A regular existing business can reinvent itself and contribute to the circular economy by reimagining the work model to suit today’s needs.

‘The economic objective of the functional economy is to create the highest possible use value for the longest possible time while consuming as few material resources and energy as possible.’ – Walter R. Stahel

The shift to circular is currently in motion among the world’s largest consumer, tech and retail firms like Apple, Nike and Ikea among others. NorthLadder’s circular solution of introducing electronics into the secondary market takes its cue from similar approaches. The NorthLadder business model works as an extension, helping transform businesses such as these from linear models to circular.

Take for example, the smartphone. The production of one phone needs 34 kilograms of mined ore, uses 100 liters of water and 20.5 grams of cyanide. What NorthLadder does is distribute these already consumed resources over more than one user, thus putting the concept of circular economy into motion, along with sustainability. In a circular economy, the focus is on extending the life cycle of a device. The devices of today are powerful enough to be used after you are done with them. Someone who is less demanding can use a device that is too slow, old or unfashionable for you. This makes sustainable economy principles more relevant to the device industry now than ever before; turning trade-ins and pre-loved sales into lucrative business opportunities.

Revising economic thinking is not just about recycling or creating sustainable products. It is about using a product to its fullest – realizing its complete potential and consuming it till it can’t be used anymore; as opposed to simply buying a new one. That’s why the secondary market has taken up a new and significant role today. In Gunter Pauli’s words, ‘The key is to uncover value in waste.’

Focus should shift from disposal to re-use of goods, and to keeping them in use. While the solution is multi pronged – minimizing waste and pollution by designing it out, keeping products and materials in use and regenerating natural systems – NorthLadder contributes by keeping products and materials in use. This is not just the responsibility of manufacturers; as smartphone and device usage continue to grow rapidly, it is up to each of us to apply circular economy principles to our daily lives and recycle. Re-use is the easiest to follow – if you don’t shop at the secondary market, introduce your product to the secondary market for someone else to buy.

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