How to buy the right laptop for school

Everyone needs a laptop these days – from kids in school to college students and also for online school. Buying a laptop for a student is not the same as buying a laptop for general use or for work. There are specific issues that must be taken into consideration. Read on for some tips to help you buy the right laptop for a student.

  • Should you go big?

Bigger laptops with larger screen sizes help with display, but bigger is not always better. Choose a smaller – and lighter – laptop if the student is going to be carrying it around.

  • Design matters

When selecting a workhorse for a student, make sure that it is ergonomically designed. Also, the machine should be tough enough to last a few years despite rough handling and daily use; and be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

  • Plan for the future

Technology and software starts to get outdated as soon as it is released. And since you will want the student to use the computer for at least a few years, it is best that you buy the latest available at the time. Saving a little on a cheaper processor or lesser storage will only make you spend extra when you have to buy a new model sooner than you had planned.

  • More battery

Long hours of use by students means the more the battery life your laptop comes with, the better it will be. Buy one that allows for a minimum of 6 hours of juice packed in a single charge, and if possible, stretch your budget to fit in another few hours.

  • Hybrids rule!

Kids are comfortable using hybrid touchscreen 2-in-1 laptops that can be transformed into tablets or adjusted to tent and standing positions. For generations that grew up using touchscreens and tabs, the convenience of a convertible laptop is unmatched.

  • Operating system

Select a laptop that runs on the same operating system that the student is comfortable using. A sudden shift in OS is not just confusing but can also affect the student’s efficiency and performance.

Once you figure out the right laptop, let your old laptop – or even your used smartphone, tablet or smartwatch – help pay for it.

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