How to maintain your smartphone camera lens

Bought your smartphone for its amazing camera? All those hours of poring over details like megapixels, the kind of optical zoom, rating of its front camera, whether it has a wide angle lens, the quality of the lenses and how it captures colors in terms of real life may come to nothing if you’re not able to maintain your camera lens. You’ll get substandard blurry pictures at best, to say nothing of the effect maintenance issues have on resale value.

To keep your smartphone’s picture-taking abilities intact – and have it in good condition for when you wish to sell your used smartphone on the pre-loved market – here’s what you should do.

  • Apply a lens guard

A physical barrier is most effective when it comes to protecting a camera lens. Lens guards act as a shield against scratches and breakage.

  • Put on a case

Select a case for your phone that is slightly raised around the lens. This will prevent the lens from touching the surface when the smartphone is placed on its back.

  • Use a pouch

If you find cases too bulky, try using a soft, lined pouch instead. Place your smartphone in the pouch when not in use, and remember to dust it out regularly.

  • Handle carefully

Be gentle with your phone and mindful of where you place it. When laying your phone down, having the camera lens face upwards reduces chances of it getting scratched.

  • No pockets

Never put your phone in the pockets of your clothing. More often than not, it will share space with sharp objects like keys, increasing the odds of damage.

  • Clean and safe places only

Carrying your phone into places like the bathroom or the kitchen increases exposure to water, liquids, dirt and fat. Keep your smartphone out!

Cleaning tips

Cleaning the camera lens at regular intervals helps to maintain the sharpness of your pictures. Use a microfiber cloth folded to a point, a lens brush and compressed air from a canister for best results. Avoid using chemical liquid solutions – simply breathing on the lens provides adequate moisture for cleaning. Do not use toilet paper or tissues, however soft they may claim to be.

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