Save rare earth elements – recycle and reuse electronics

Did you know that the average smartphone has thirty different elements? And that many of these elements are extremely rare? Rare enough that our nonstop smartphone consumption will ensure that the earth runs out of them sooner rather than later. Gallium, indium, silver, tantalum, yttrium and arsenic are a few elements on the list that are going to be difficult to get your hands on within a hundred years. But, big tech is sure to find new element-less technology to replace the existing one, right?

So, should this bother the average smartphone user? Yes! You see, it’s not just smartphones that make the world go round – yttrium can be used to treat certain cancers, tantalum is used in surgical implants, hearing aids and pacemakers, indium is used in making solar panels, silver helps make antibacterial clothing, arsenic is a wood preserver and gallium is an important component in medical thermometers and solar panels and may even have anti-cancer properties. This makes a strong case, but the question still remains – what can you – as a consumer – do to halt or even slow down this continuous drain? The only efforts that seem practical at this point are recycling and reuse. While recycling ensures that electronic gadgets don’t end up in landfills causing even more damage to the environment, and allows for the extraction of rare elements from waste; reuse is an equally effective solution. It benefits the health of the earth, preserves its element bank, and also helps the consumer. How? Reusing a smartphone essentially means putting it on the secondary market for someone else to use. Increasing the lifespan of an electronic device has multiple benefits – someone buys an already produced device which means it is going to take longer to reach a landfill, it will have a smaller carbon footprint and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by affecting demand for new devices adversely. Then there is the added monetary benefit that you – as the seller – will receive. Convert your tech trash into money with NorthLadder – sell it at the best price. We assure you that the dusty heap in those bottom drawers will be worth the effort.

P.S. It’s not just extra cash that you’ll get, but also an empty drawer!

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