New phones alert!

2021 promises to be an exciting year for phone enthusiasts, with everyone from Apple to Huawei and Samsung competing to show off their new wares. This calendar year’s Q4 is going to be especially eventful for gadget heads. Before we talk about what’s just launched and what else to expect in the coming months, just remember that the price of the phone in your hand is dropping as you read this. So, just as we tell you about the latest launches, we are also hoping to jump start you into selling your old phone today to fund that upgrade! More about that in a bit, first let’s skim through the list of brand new phones.

September saw the Vivo X70 fight for eyeballs with the iPhone 13 while October releases include the Samsung Galaxy S21FE and the Google Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. The Google Pixel Fold and the Huawei Mate 50 Pro have been scheduled for a November release; while the Xiaomi 12 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold E will show up at the end of December. The Samsung Galaxy S22 family launch overflows into 2022 for a release in January*.

Coming back to inspiring you to sell your current phone. Let us share some facts backed by figures. Take the iPhone 13 launch as an example. Based on historical data, within 3 weeks of the iPhone 13 launch, current iPhone prices are likely to drop as follows:

Used iPhone 12:
Prices will drop by 7 to 10%
All other used iPhone series:
Prices will drop by another 3 to 5%

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*Dates mentioned are expected release dates

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