How to back up your phone data

A wave of anxiety about the data stored on your phone washing over you? You must be about to move to a new phone! Years of photos, videos, personal details and work – it’s all on the device that you have decided to sell. While losing access to data or realizing that precious memories are missing is not pleasant, nor is your life coming to a standstill because of data loss. Not to worry – there are two simple ways to go about it. The first is a DIY that can easily be carried out at home, and the next is a professionally done job that NorthLadder will be happy to carry out for you. Let’s tackle the DIY first:

If you are an Android person, the first step is to check and update your Android version. You can’t restore backup from a higher Android version to one that runs a lower version. Once this is confirmed, here’s how to manually back up data:

1-Open the phone’s Settings
2-Tap System > Backup
3-Tap Back Up Now > Continue

Once you’re done, reset your phone to factory settings by erasing everything on it. Since a factory reset erases all the data from your phone, be sure you’ve got everything you need before you proceed with formatting your phone. Most Android phones can be reset through the Settings app.

Now it’s time to get your data on your new phone. Set up your Google Account and whatever you backed up to your Google Account gets put on to the new phone. You’re done!

Apple users can back up their iPhones using iCloud or their computers. If you choose iCloud, follow these steps:

1-Go to Settings > (your name) > iCloud > iCloud Backup
2-Turn on iCloud Backup
3-For manual backup, tap on Back Up Now

If you’re using your Mac, this is what you have to do:

1-Connect your iPhone to your computer with a cable
2-In the Finder sidebar, select your iPhone
3-At the top of the Finder window, click General
4-Select ‘Backup all of the data on your iPhone to this Mac’
5-Encrypt your data with a password by selecting ‘Encrypt local backup’
6-Click Back Up Now

You can now use this backup to transfer all the data to your new device.

If this is too much for you to handle, NorthLadder will be happy to help. When you sell your phone through us, we back up and erase your data using internationally approved software, for a small fee. Enjoy your new phone, fully loaded with all the data from your previous one. What exactly is NorthLadder? NorthLadder is a unique service where you can sell your laptop, phone, smartwatch and tablet online and get instant cash in a safe, dignified and hassle-free manner. There is a significant difference between the average dealer price and maximum price you get if you sell your electronics online with NorthLadder. How do we manage to give you a good deal? The devil is in the details – NorthLadder has set up a platform of dealers who participate in an auction for your device. What you get is the highest bid or the best price for your used electronics from this auction. There are no hidden costs and no surprises. NorthLadder also offers a home pick up service to give you the option of carrying out the deal from the convenience of your home. To understand how exactly we work, visit our website, or get in touch at .

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