How to buy the right tablet

In the world of devices, portability is king. And when it comes to a lightweight and easy to use gadget, tablets rule! Ideal for browsing, reading, video calling and playing music and video games; tablets are giving laptops tough competition. With more and more options available to choose from, selecting the right tablet can be a bit of a task. Here are a few tips that should help you make the process simpler.

But first you have to know whether it is a tablet that you need. You must choose a device specific to the purpose you have in mind. For example, if it is primarily reading that you will use it for, then you should buy an e-reader like a Kindle. If you’re looking for a portable substitute for a laptop – complete with laptop style speed and features – then it’s an Ultrabook for you. If you are undecided between a tablet and laptop, and want both but can buy only one, go for a hybrid laptop.

So, tablet it is? Read on to know how to buy the right one:

  • Operating system

Select a tablet that is compatible with the operating system that you are already using for other devices. Keeping all your devices within the same system is not just more convenient, but also cheaper when it comes to buying and interconnecting apps.

  • Size

Screen size is measured diagonally across. A smaller screen size ensures easy portability and lesser cost while larger screens are better for web browsing and gaming.

  • Resolution

The clarity of the display screen depends on pixels-per-inch. The higher this number, the sharper the image. You should know that a higher resolution means the need for a faster processor which pushes the price up and drains the battery faster.

  • Storage

The purpose for which you need the tablet determines how much storage space you will need. If you intend it for general use like checking email and browsing, you will not need too much storage. But if you use it to carry around music, games, apps and videos; storage capacity becomes important. This is where you must consider storage options which are possible only if your tablet has external connections.

  • Online connectivity

You can choose between a Wi-Fi only tablet and one that has built in Wi-Fi as well as a mobile data option. For this, you would have to sign up for a separate plan with a provider.

  • Hardware connection options

While Apple has limited options for hardware connections, Android tablets are kitted out with HDMI-outs, memory card slots and USB ports. Usually tablets combine Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and apps for storage and transfers.

  • Battery

Ideally, a tablet battery should allow for a full day of general use. Since owning a tablet means portability is important to you, a good battery life becomes all the more important.

  • Budget

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