Electronics and the carbon footprint

When listing cars, heating, air conditioning are prime sources of harmful emissions, don’t forget the devices you’re constantly hooked up to. Yes, using those convenient gadgets hurts the planet! In the devices category, smartphones alone make a larger carbon footprint than desktops, displays and tablets put together.

Carbon footprint and embodied carbon in simple terms

Carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted by our actions. In the case of electronics, it is the total emissions made during the manufacture of a device, its usage or lifespan and for its deconstruction and disposal. Embodied carbon is the CO2 emitted while producing something. This means the carbon footprint generated only during the manufacturing phase.

Fact: For a smartphone, the energy cost from its manufacturing phase (embodied carbon) is more than the carbon footprint from its lifespan plus usage. In fact, that’s a majority of its annual carbon footprint.

What we do versus what we should do

All of us try to help by doing whatever little we can, like turning down air conditioning, flying less and walking instead of driving. In the case of electronics, we try to contribute by dimming the display, putting the laptop to sleep at night or switching off devices when not in use. All valid and helpful actions, but what we don’t realize is that a majority of the damage has already been done. The best way to help at this stage is to use the device for longer. Sounds annoying, right? But most long term performance issues are easily fixable. Since a huge chunk of emissions have happened before you even bought the device, extending its lifespan is the best thing you can do.

Take action

Instead of simply buying another device, choose to replace the battery, change a broken screen or ignore the temptation of installing that new app which will require a brand new phone. But if you must have the latest, consider trade-ins and second hand sales. Trade-ins with manufacturers ensure recycling of the device, while introducing a device to the second hand market means that you may not use it for another few years but someone else will. So the purpose is served!

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