Did you know? Fun facts about smartphones

From keeping us up to date with the news and tracking our fitness levels to entertaining us and doubling up as a watch or an alarm clock; smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. Since there’s usually only talk about the many uses and qualities of this amazing gadget, we thought we’d put together some fun facts about smartphones for your browsing pleasure! (Heads-up, some of these are actually weird.)

1.Your phone is a hotbed for germs

An average smartphone can compete for germ presence with a toilet handle. With users carrying it around everywhere and placing it anywhere, phones pick up an assortment of germs. Add to it the exposure the touchscreen gets by being tapped and swiped hundreds of times every day – with or without washed hands.

2.Your phone is cooler than a spaceship

The spaceship mentioned here is from the 1960s and the average smartphone today is updated ever so often. Even so, you get to brag that the computing power in your smartphone can trump the systems in a spaceship!3.Nomophobia has made it to the dictionary!

3.Nomophobia has made it to the dictionary!

‘Fear or worry at the idea of being without your mobile phone or unable to use it.’ This is the dictionary definition of nomophobia, the anxiety you feel at being phone-less or beyond mobile phone contact, and it’s a creative combination of the words no-mobile-phone phobia.

4 .Phones are more important than toilets

While smartphones are dirtier than toilets, it seems that they are more important than toilets. Strange. Fact: More people around the world have access to mobile phones than to toilets!

5.Best sellers may surprise you

Nokia bar phones from the early 2000s with their old school features are at the top of the best seller list. The sales figures for the Nokia 1100 from 2003 and 2005 can beat any smartphone hands down, clocking an impressive 250 million units.

6.Unlocking figures

According to a survey, people unlock their phones between 100 and 150 times a day on an average, and a majority of these unlocks take place between 5PM and 8PM.

7.Phone shopping stats

Typically, people buy a new smartphone every two years. Even though modern smartphones are kitted with top-of-the-line processors and extensive RAM, it can be difficult to resist the temptation of a new launch with the latest features.

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