Celebrate Christmas with a full wallet!

As a budget-aware family, you too would have postponed upgrading your electronic gadgets till the start of the December sales. With shopping and gifting being mandatory and even necessary during the holidays, it is only smart to be prepared with a Christmas budget. After all, will the old phone which keeps hanging last you another Christmas? And how long will you keep putting junior off with a hand-me-down laptop? We’re here to suggest some cool Christmas gift options and a practical idea that will help you buy them. Read on!

Add to your Christmas cheer – gift yourself an iPhone 13

Happiness begins with you. A smartphone has our entire lives stored on it. It only makes sense that the one you are carrying should be in good condition. It is common knowledge that a smartphone which is more than a couple of years old will develop issues with speed and performance. Updates may bring it somewhat at par with newer models, but only up to a certain limit. So go ahead and get yourself a new one – it will be the smartest decision you make this Christmas!

Make this Christmas the best one yet

There’s no greater pleasure than seeing your children beam with joy. Make this the happiest holiday season for your kids by getting them a brand new machine like the Dell G15 Gaming Laptop or Desktop. Computers for kids are not just recreational tools, but also an essential part of educational procedure. With online learning becoming more than just a choice, it is important that children stay connected in the latest and most efficient way possible.

Arm candy comes in different ways

There are handbags, jeweled timepieces and then there are smartwatches. Along with handbags and timepieces, it’s time to flaunt a smartwatch. Rocking a smartwatch, like an Apple Watch Series 7, is as much a statement as the arm candy we mentioned above. Declare your dedication to fitness or simply streamline your life by staying connected to your devices through the conveniently accessible smartwatch. Gift your partner one of these for a merry, merry Christmas.

Wondering how you will manage buying these pricey gadgets with your limited Christmas budget? Let NorthLadder help top up your wallet with instant cash so you can easily fill up the space under your Christmas tree!

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